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New Business Information


This checklist provides information on general requirements that need to be addressed for most new businesses. Other specific requirements may also apply. Your first contact should be with the ND Secretary of State's office to determine if the business name is available.

  • Secretary of State
  • ND Business License Information
    • nd.gov/businessreg/license
    • There are many types of licenses, both state and local as well as professional. Depending on what you do and where you plan to operate, your business may be required to have a license.
  • City & County Government
    • Contact the city auditor for information on business permits and zoning ordinances applying to businesses within city limits. Contact the county auditor for similar information for businesses outside city limits.
  • IRS
    • irs.gov/smallbiz
    • (800) 829-4933
    • Employer Identification Number (EIN)
    • Federal Income Tax
    • Federal Self-Employment Tax
  • ND State Tax Department
  • Insurance
    • It is prudent for any business to purchase basic types of insurance. Contact your local insurance agent for general liability, property, commercial auto, life, hazard, theft, business interruption, and other types of insurance. 

Employer's Checklist
Items that may need to be addressed when your company hires employees:

For more information on hiring and retaining employees, visit: sba.gov.

Information provided by North Dakota Small Business Development Centers - Business Resource Guide. ndsbdc.org