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Mosquito Control

mosquitoMosquito-borne diseases, such as the West Nile Virus, affect millions of people worldwide each year.  In the United States, some species of mosquitos can transmit diseases such as encephalitis and a variety of diseases to wildlife and domestic animals.  To combat mosquitos and the public health hazards, many states and localities such as Grafton have established mosquito control programs. 

The Grafton Street Department uses a couple methods to control the mosquito population:
  • Larvicides, which target the larvae in the breeding habitat before they mature into adult mosquitos. City ditches are treated with larvicides.
  • Aerial spraying, which is done by an independent contractor, covering approximately 2,050 acres of land at a cost between $5,740 and $5,940 per spray. City spraying will occur Thursday evenings, as needed throughout the summer.  There will be an additional spraying Summerfest week (usually Wednesday before the golf tournament). Spraying is always weather permitting.

    Please call City Hall if you have any questions.