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Building Permits

To Obtain A Building Permit:Print and complete appropriate application and forward to the Building Official's office by one of the following ways:
  • Bring to City Hall located at 5 East 4th Street
  • Mail application to City of Grafton Building Official, P.O. Box 578, Grafton, ND 58237
  • Email Building Official at kade.paulson@widseth.com.
Building Official
Kade Paulson
Phone: (218) 773-5624
Email: kade.paulson@widseth.com

Examples of when you need to obtain a building permit are:  
  • New Construction
  • Remodeling that involves the removal of walls, construction of new walls or re-construction of 2 or more wall surfaces or other work in excess of $2,000
  • Replacing existing windows with a larger window or installation of egress windows
  • Re-shingling (repair to less than 25% the roof area exempt)
  • Re-siding (repair to less than 25% wall area exempt)
  • Sheds (constructing or moving in)
  • Construction and replacement of decks 
  • Construction and replacement of fences
  • Construction or replacement of sidewalks or driveways on the public way (berm)
  • Placement of manufactured (mobile) homes
What permits do I need for construction or placement of a new home or business building: 
One or more of the following permits may be required:
  • Building permit
  • Water-sewer-curb cut/access permit
  • Floodplain development permit
  • Manufactured home placement permit
  • Special use or variance permits
CODES FOR HOMEOWNERS can be found at Carnegie Regional Library
Does my contractor have a license?
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Applications for Building Permits5 documents

  • Application for New Residential and Commercial.pdf
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  • Application for Residential and Commercial-Alterations and Repair.pdf
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  • LOMR for City of Grafton.pdf
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  • Manufactured House Single Wide.pdf
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  • Manufactured House Double Wide.pdf
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Requirements5 documents

  • Deck Requirements.pdf
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  • Fence Ordinance.pdf
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  • Sidewalk Requirements.pdf
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  • Window Requirements.pdf
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  • Garage and Shed Requirements.pdf
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