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Emergency Sirens

Long steady tone - Take cover - Used to warn of severe weather or other emergency.  Sirens will NOT be used during a flood.
  • Seek Shelter
  • Tune to KXPO Radio-1340
  • Monitor Cable TV
Hi-Low tone - Fire - Used to alert volunteer firemen of a fire.
  • Watch for fire vehicles
  • Yield to emergency vehicles
  • Do not follow emergency vehicles
If instructed to take shelter:If you are indoors:
  • Remain there until further instructed
  • Shut windows and doors
  • Turn off ventilation
  • Cover all open food
If you are outdoors:
  • Go indoors immediately
  • If unable to go inside, protect yourself by offering the least exposure possible
Last updated Tuesday, March 17, 2009 4:37:54 PM