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How Do I?

Buy a Lot in the City Cemetery?
Contact City Hall at (701) 352- 1561 to purchase either a lot in the cemetery or a niche in the columbarium.
Determine Property Lines?
Guidance only.  Call KLJ Engineering at 352-1555 for a property survey.
This method is based on landmarks available to the common person, is limited in its accuracy and should be used only as a guideline. Checking with neighboring property owners may provide more accurate landmarks from surveys and other more reliable sources. 
The City shall assume no responsibility for the accuracy of property lines determined by this method. 

Determining legal property lines for cases of disputes should be done by a registered surveyor.

Begin by measuring the back of curb to back of curb width of the nearest street parallel to the property line you wish to find. In most cases this width should be 37'. Whatever the number determined, it should be divided by two to find the center of the street. Starting from the center of the street measure 33' or as otherwise indicated on the enclosed map to establish the starting point for measuring. This will usually be 14-14.5' from the curb and on the back of the sidewalk were present. For yard depth measure the distance indicated on the map to find the rear property line. For side property lines measure across neighboring properties, the distance indicated on the map.
Dispose of Grass Clippings?
Grafton Compost Site is located at 120 East 5th Street

Containers for compost (grass clippings and leaves) are located at 120 East 5th Street (corner of 5th Street and Wakeman Avenue).  Small branches can be placed within the fenced area. Please remove plastic bags and refrain from disposing of any item that is not compost. 

**The container for used oil has been temporarily removed due to misuse of the container. **

Do I Need a Building Permit?
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Examples Of When You Need To Obtain A Building Permit Are:  
  • New Construction
  • Remodeling that involves the removal of walls, construction of new walls or re-construction of 2 or more wall surfaces or other work in excess of $2,000
  • Replacing existing windows with a larger window or installation of egress windows
  • Re-shingling (repair to less than 25% the roof area exempt)
  • Re-siding (repair to less than 25% wall area exempt)
  • Sheds (constructing or moving in)
  • Construction and replacement of decks 
  • Construction and replacement of fences
  • Construction or replacement of sidewalks or driveways on the public way (berm)
  • Placement of manufactured (mobile) homes

What permits do I need for construction or placement of a new home or business building: 
One or more of the following permits may be required:
  • Building permit
  • Water-sewer-curb cut/access permit
  • Floodplain development permit
  • Manufactured home placement permit
  • Special use or variance permits
CODES FOR HOMEOWNERS can be found at Carnegie Regional Library
Call Building Official at 701-352-1561 for more details on your specific questions.

Applications for Building Permits
Fence Regulations
Garage Requirements
Memo to Potential Builders
Cleaning Mold and Mildew
Report a Street Light Outage?
Contact the Power Department at (701) 352-1008.