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Economic Development

Grafton Economic Development is funded by the 1-1/2% city sales tax.  An additional 1/2% is forwarded to the Unity Hospital for their use and 1/2% goes towards the Flood Risk Reduction Project.
Sales Tax Breakdown

Grafton Economic Development Committee

The Economic Development Committee is appointed by the Mayor. The EDC meets at 7 AM on the first Wednesday of each month at City Hall.

Vision: Support and grow our business culture and enhance our active community.
Mission: To develop and administer programs and opportunities that expand business and increase community resiliency.
Pillars of economic development are Workforce Development, Business Support & Retention, Tourism & Community Development, Downtown Improvement, and Housing Development. 

Committee members include:
  • Kristy Jelinek, Chairperson
  • Jayce Schumacher, Vice-Chair
  • Keith Bjorneby
  • Greg Young
  • Brad Wurgler
  • Andrew Petersen
  • Kim Droog
  • Ryan Dusek